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Smoky Mountain Military Vehicle Club (SMMVC) is an East Tennessee organization dedicated to the preservation of history and the enjoyment of military vehicles.

We are an active community where you can socialize, showcase your completed or ongoing restorations, find inspiration, motivation, and valuable advice for starting and maintaining your vehicle(s).

Are you passionate about vehicles, history, military historical reenactment, or all of the above?

If so, SMMVC is the perfect group for you to join. We believe that through learning, collaborating together, sharing resources and experiences, we will preserve and protect our rich heritage and provide for our vehicles. We appreciate our most valuable assets – each other.

Club member vehicles include:

WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and OIF/OEF. We have Jeeps (MB, GPW, M38,M38A1, M151) , Trailers (MBT, M100 and M416) , a British Tank, Trucks (M35, M37 and HMMWVs.)

Would you like to join or to support, here are some things to know:

No military or other vehicle experience is necessary. We are a group of enthusiasts who pursue our hobby and enjoy the process itself, not just the final result. We can advise and assist with vehicle acquisition, restoration and troubleshooting along the way. Our members welcome the opportunity to show their vehicles, teach, solve problems and get assistance with upkeep.

You may participate in conventions, parades, and other local, regional and national events. The MVPA is a International organization with chapters in most countries. By joining the SMMVC and the MVPA, you enter into the premeir network of enthusiasts around the world. Isn’t it amazing to see people get excited when they witness a rolling piece of history on the road, in excellent condition?

You are welcome to choose how you want to contribute in the SMMVC. Whatever way you choose to support , you will help the noble goal of connecting history with the future.  We are custodians of the vehicles and their story – why they mattered and made a difference.

Being a family-oriented organization, we understand that the young amongst us gets excited about seeing a running military vehicle on the road. We believe that preserving history is not only an excellent way to bring together all generations of a family but also to teach and nurture respect for veterans and the military in future generations.