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Military Jeep Driving Academy

April 12, 2024 April 14, 2024

Want to hone driving skills on a Manuel Transmission?  Interested in driving in parades, shuttling vehicles to events and learning to maintain historic vehicles?  This may be for you.  Sponsored by the SMMVC and the East Tennessee Flat Fenders.  One-On-One instruction, 5 different models to drive, over 100 acres of flat pasture for the 2WD and 4WD experience.

There will be a formalized orientation to:  Vehicles with a high center of gravity, manual transmissions, safety checks, pre trip inspections, driving skills and discussion about operation in convoys, parades and static displays. Got the shifting down to a smooth art, feel good behind the wheel?  Transition to paved roads.

Priority registration will be given to:  SMMVC Club members and family, other affiliate groups, military Re-Enactors, Current/Prior service, other military vehicle owners and family.

Requirements:  Drivers license,  Sign Waiver,  Must be physically able to safely handle a vehicle with no power assist to steering or brakes.  Must be willing to perform routine service checks, check tires, top off fluids etc...

To Register please use the contact form on this site to express interest or contact Mark Ingram.  Class will be held in Church Hill TN, each section will run for one day, April 12, 13 and the 14.  Please indicate which day works best for you.

We are both blessed and cursed by having more vehicles than drivers and need a pool of qualified folks to join in and share the experience!

Church Hill, TN 37642

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