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The Smoky Mountain Military Vehicle Club is an organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration, collection, and display of historic military vehicles of all nations and of all eras of our history. We are also dedicated to the education of our members and the public as to the historical use and service of our vehicles by the various armed forces of the world


Individual Membership: Primary persons who are eighteen years of age or older for full voting privileges and who satisfy the Requirements for Membership. An individual member will Receive a Membership Card, one SMMVC Coffee Mug, Window Placards for Vehicles and subscription to Newsletter. The dueswill be $25.00 per year. Also access to Web page with: Calendar, links and Facebook page.

Why Should I Become a Member?
If you are interested in military vehicles, military radios and other accessories, then we are the group for you. We are very active where you can come hangout and show off your completed, partly restored or new rust bucket. We love to talk, reminisce, brag, and importantly learn and collaborate.

Need more reasons? try these…

  1. No need to be current or ex-military
    -We are just a group of military enthusiasts, its just a hobby.
  2. Participate in local parades and functions.
    – Wave from the parade, not fight for space to see!
  3. Assist in educating everyone about the military, vets and those who supported them.
    – The public is excited and amazed to see these historical vehicles on the road.
    – Having people gawk at your hard work is really awesome!
  4. Need a reason to show off that new fender you spent 2 hours straightening?
    – Who else can you brag to about all that work? Someone who has been there!
  5. Want access to a knowlegeable and helpful group of super mechanics?
    – Really! There will be *someone* who can tell you exactly what you need to do to fix that troublesome issue.
  6. Need acesss to local resources for parts and services?
    – Tired of auction “deals” wanting $25 for a bolt?
    – Everyone has extra parts, its just a fact of the hobby, who knows, that one missing part you need might just be sitting on someones shelf waiting for you! (you will of course have to talk the owner out of it)
    – Its a fact that most repair shops wont touch many issues in military vehicles, maybe our members have sources for you?

Finally, and in all seriousness
We are a family oriented and open organization. If you enjoy military vehicles, radios or other military accessories, we are a great organization to hangout with. No need to own a vehicle, just have an interest.